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My name is Bo and I'm a senior full-stack software engineer.
It is my passion to automate repetitive tasks, make them super efficient and integrate existing applications with each other. I fluently master two human languages, Dutch and English, and 7 computer languages being: Javascript, Node.JS, PHP, Android Java, HTML5, CSS and SQL.

Whatever the project, I will have a profound impact on your organisation!

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About Boudewijn van Breukelen

I started programming on my Commodore 64 when I was nine years old and seemed to enjoy writing games better than playing them. Never the less I studied electronics instead of computer science, mainly because I was interested in tying all sorts of stuff up to my commodore and make dumb electronics intelligent. In my early adult years, I started my career writing client and web applications for CGI (then called CMG). Over then next several years I discovered that apart from nerd, I could also speak and understand normal human. Much later in life I discovered that this is quite a rarity. These days, I combine my technical experience with my business knowledge in the tech industry. My roles vary from software developer, IOT product developer and technical project manager to Chief Technical Officer.
If you have a project and need someone that can really make a difference, then please feel free to reach out to me.

Boudewijn van Breukelen - Future Software

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